Alliance for Greater County Transparency   

Good Schools and Dry Homes

The Alliance for Greater County Transparency is fighting for Good Schools and Dry Homes. Our kids need a good education and a dry home to come back to.

The County is planning to build a huge, 4-story, 60 foot high, 2000 student school on the forested wetland by the Fort Washington Road roundabout.

The forest will be bulldozed in about one month. During the 2+ years of school construction, storm water that had been absorbed by the forest will instead add to the storm water which now flows OUT of overloaded storm drains and floods homes downhill from the school site.

The County plans to add storm drain pipes to increase the capacity of the local drainage system. Construction is planned to start in mid-2022. The water from the improved drainage system and the water from the school site will dump into the National Golf Course pond south of Swan Creek Road. The privately owned golf course drainage system has not been maintained over the years. The new management of the course is considering an upgrade to their system and the County is negotiating with the company for it to build enough drainage capacity in the upgrade to handle all the roundabout area storm water so it flows safely out to Swan Creek.

The Alliance wants the clearing of the forest and the construction of the K-8 school to pause so alternative sites for the K-8 school can be considered that won’t require a cascade of storm water management upgrades each of which have their own set of risks.

The Alliance has hired a lawyer and storm water and traffic subject matter experts to testify at the June 3, 2021, 10 AM, virtual Planning Board Mandatory Review (MR-2036F).

The Alliance asks for your support:

1.    Signup to speak at the June, 3rd hearing. You must register to speak and the window for signup opens Monday, May 24 and closes at Noon on June 1st.
How to sign up to speak at the Planning Board Hearing on the K-8 School on June 3rd:
Go to The Planning Board schedule at on Monday May, 24.
The agenda for the June 3rd hearing should be posted on Tuesday, May 25 at 12:31 PM, when you should be able to register to speak. You must register before Noon, June 1st!

2.    We need your financial support to pay for lawyers and experts. Our costs are in the Thousands of Dollars. Your donation of any amount will help. We hope many individual donors will cover these costs. Some have already donated but we have to raise much more.
How to donate:

o   Send a check to your association president noting the donation is for the K-8 Legal Fund.

o   Or, use this PayPal button to donate using a credit card


We thank you for your support!